Living My Best-ish Life

Am I living my best life? How many damn lives do I have? What am I – a cat?

I’m living my best-ish life… some days… most days. Okay, okay, on Fridays. #BestishLifeFridays. It’s gonna catch on, believe me. But, in all seriousness – way, way, WAY too much freaking pressure. I’m living, breathing air and trying to keep up with my water intake. So I’m good.

Yeah, I get it. It’s about affirmation and positive reinforcement. But let’s say, perchance, you wanted to live your worst life. You know, sitting around all day in your pajamas watching Youtube videos of people doing dumb shit and knocking themselves out. What if you want to eat an entire package of Oreos in one sitting – double-stuffed? Or how about go an entire month without shaving anything on your body because..? Well, damn, because you want to go an entire month without shaving anything on your body.

What exactly is best, and how do you measure it? I know I’ve been guilty of wanting to be the best that I can be, or giving something my best shot. If we’ve learned nothing else from this past presidential election, most people don’t seem to give a shit about best. Just saying, that’s all. What about those who can’t afford the best? And I’m not talking material things. There are those for whom getting out of bed is a daily struggle. Whether it be due to a physical ailment, emotional or societal burdens, or that they simply don’t possess a bed from which to get up from.

I’m not trying to hate on anybody’s spirit. But the pressure to live up to so many expectations can be suffocating to a young, developing spirit. Supposedly, I’m living my best life right now. Well, let me tell you, I’ve had way bester (yes, it’s a word, cause I said it’s a word) moments than this – and look forward to even bester moments (bester is going to catch on, you’ll see). Just because I take a few pics of me dining at a restaurant in Paris doesn’t mean that it’s the best life that I can live. As I sit here trying to rack my brain for an example of what truly living a best life would look like, I’ve got nothing. Because, maybe I simply don’t know what best means.

What I do know, is that I’m living my life as best I can. Nothing more, nothing less.